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Why Are Bulldog Puppies So Expensive?

It’s easy to imagine an English Bulldog breeder pairing a male and female Bulldog together and waiting for puppies to be born.

Then simply selling those puppies for huge profits with little or no work involved, but there’s so much more that goes on concerning breeding Bulldogs. From start to finish there are hours upon hours of work and lost sleep put into breeding the female and raising her pups.


Once the female has gone into her heat cycle there are multiple tests that are needed to determine the right time for her to be bred. These Progesterone tests call for many trips to the veterinarian. Once she’s ready, she can be artificially inseminated either surgically or vaginally. A few weeks after breeding, the female gets her first ultrasound to confirm pregnancy. With the miles driven, time spent, and the high price for veterinarian services, the costs are already adding up. If there is indeed a confirmed pregnancy you have around 35 days to prepare for a litter of puppies.

Before giving birth to her pups, the “bitch” – Bulldog term – I’m not cussing, I promise  is  taken back to the veterinarian for an x-ray. This x-ray helps the doctor to determine just how many puppies are inside of her for an easier delivery. Around 63 days in the gestational period the pups are usually ready to be born. It’s incredible just how quickly the puppies grow inside “Mom”! As a joke,when comparing the gestational period of a dog and a woman, I always say, it’s like comparing a microwave to an electric oven.

Why English Bulldogs Aren’t Cheap For The Buyer Or  The Breeder

Most people have heard that Bulldogs require a c-section for their puppies to be delivered, but they may not know why. Simply put, the traditional, vaginal birth is much too dangerous primarily because the puppies’ heads are too big to make it through the birth canal. If a puppy should get stuck while the mother is in labor it would result in almost certain death for at least one of the puppies if not all. What you may not have heard about the c-section is that it can cost as much as $3,000 when completed by a professional and quality doctor. The c-section, from start to finish, usually takes a couple of hours. Your sent home with some absolutely gorgeous puppies and of course a huge bill, but looking at the newborn pups you know it’s more than worth it every time.

At home the battle begins! Imagine bringing home your own baby, but in this case there are four or more pups and their much more fragile than a human being. From the start the mother is still pretty well “knocked out” from her medication and often times she isn’t capable of feeding her babies, or even concerned with feeding herself for the first couple of days. In fact, in many cases, her puppies are the last thing she wants to see for the first day or two. Still, the puppies need fed every two hours even through the night and they’re almost completely helpless to feed on their own. Many times the babies have to be fed by bottle or even tube fed if they’re lacking the health or strength to eat on their own.

Mom can’t be left to feed the puppies without supervision because it’s very possible for her to step on their fragile bodies, almost surely killing them. The new pups need constant monitoring because they’re so susceptible to sickness and even death. For the first week it’s not uncommon to make a few trips back to the veterinarian for a sick puppy. Now you’re beginning to see why Bulldog puppies are so costly.

After a grueling three weeks, things start to get a bit easier. The puppies can finally be left alone with their Mother for short periods of time and the breeder can start to regain his sanity. At 6 weeks the puppies are ready for their first round of vaccinations and deworming with the veterinarian and again 4 weeks after that. You don’t have to be a math scientist to know vet visits aren’t cheap! When all is said and done, the breeder has spent up to $5,000 – $9,000 raising a litter of Bulldog puppies.

I’m not going to lie and say “we don’t make any money selling our pups”, but at times it’s completely possible to lose money on a litter of puppies. We grow incredibly close to each one of our puppies after all of the time spent raising them. For my wife and I, our Bullies are most definitely worth all the hard work and money spent! We’ve always adored our dogs and know we’re blessed beyond measure to have them as our pets!

I hope this page explains to you a little better just why Bulldog puppies are so expensive. To keep the page short and because I didn’t want to bore you, I kept a lot of details out. You can be sure that if you decide to purchase a puppy through a reputable breeder who shows a true love for the Bulldog breed you’re money is going to be well spent. I don’t believe anyone can put a price on the amazing loyalty and affection a Bulldog lavishes on his owner.