We are a small family breeder (not a kennel) located in Virginia Beach, VA dedicated to producing quality English Bulldogs.

We are a Christian family and had moved to VA from NY about 13 years ago. (Se Habla Espanol) We love working within our church and spending time with our 3 Boys and Bully babies.

Our Bulldogs are our babies and are not just for breeding, they are part of our family!! And we take pride in the care and spend lots of time with our Bully girls and puppies.

Our puppies we produce are coming from a loving home. My wife, kids and I spend hours each day playing and caring for each of the puppies. They are well socialized and cared for from before birth till the time they are united with their forever homes. We pray that once they are handed off to their new families that they receive as much love at they receive here at 757bulldogs!!

We have owned other bully breeds. I grew up with a boxer and have owned and bred Olde English bulldogges and Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs and loved them all. But I would say there is nothing like owning an English Bulldog. We got our first English Bulldog for my wife, from Blue Sky Bulldogs (Noche) and fell in love with the breed. We decided through all the Quirky faults and fun of the breed that we would love to bless others who crave the Craziness of the Bulldog-ness that keeps us laughing and filled with joy each day!!

I always urge each potention buyer and anyone looking into owning this breed to research about English bulldogs to make sure this is the breed for you and your family. They can be a high maintenance but we beieve with a high quality diet, care and love that you provide they will benefit from it and provide many years of joy for you and your family!!

The cost of a bulldog may look quite Alarming to a new or potential buyer but there is a reason why. As a bulldog owner and breeder there is a lot of expensives that are behind the scenes that buyer don't see. Please check out this Article on the Cost of a Bulldog Puppy.

We feed high quality premium foods and Yes we do give Filtered water to our puppies and care for our bulldog babies as part of our family.

We may only have 1-2 litters a year. We strive for health and temperament but also produce beautiful and rare color English bulldogs. Our English bulldogs are registered with the AKC.

If you have any questions for us, please feel free to reach out to us!

God Bless!!


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